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Satellite TelephonesThuraya Satellite TelephonesThuraya FDU-3500
Satellite Telephones - Thuraya Satellite Telephones -  - THURAYA FDU-3500 DOCKING STATION FOR THE SG-2520 & S0-2510
 FDU-3500 Brochure
The Thuraya FDU-3500 Docking Station is used for both the Thuraya SG-2520 and the SO-2510 satellite telephone handsets

It’s easy to use and provides both additional flexibility and convenience when using your handsets. 

The FDU-3500 is designed to be used for indoor purposes. Additionally, the FDU and its accessories have been designed to meet Thuraya’s superior specifications and world-class quality standards.

An external GPS antenna with a 25m cable allows you to dock your Thuraya handset. The indoor enabler improves the capabilities of the Gen II handset so that communication requirements are met in both home or office environments. The RJ-11 port enables the use of standard Group 3 fax machines. The RJ-11 port also allows the use of an extended analog phone. Using the USB or DTE interface, a standard PC can be used with the FDU-3500. When a handset is docked into the FDU-3500, voice, fax and data communication is available indoors. The FDU-3500 has a built-in battery charger so that your handset can be charged whilst the FDU is in use.

Thuraya FDU-3500 Specifications

Interfaces 3 x RJ-11:
-External telephone connection (voice call)
-External FAX machine connection (FAX call)
-Auxiliary handset connection (voice call)
1 x USB: PC connection (data call, FAX call)
1 x D-SUB (9 Pin): External device connection
2 x SMA
-Satellite antenna connection for Thuraya handset
-GPS antenna connection for Thuraya handset
Antenna GPS Antenna
Antenna cable Satellite Antenna Cable (25m)
DC input range Input power DC 12V/24V/34V
AC/DC power supply AC/DC Adapter: 110 ~ 240V free voltage input.
Size 170mm x 215 mm (Plastic Case)

Item Number Description Price Cable Length Quantity Add to Cart
FDU-3500 THURAYA FDU-3500 DOCKING STATION FOR THE SG-2520 & S0-2510 $699.00  

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