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Custom Cable Department
We cut coaxial cables to length! We also install quality coax cable compression connectors by Thomas & Betts, PPC, and Gilbert. Compression connectors are environmentally sealed to protect coax cable connectors from harsh environments.
Above ground coax cable, direct burial coax cable, security camera coax cable, and fire proof plenum type coaxial cables are always in stock.
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Coax Cable and Tools
We sell CommScope, Andrews and PCTcoaxial cable. The highest quality coaxial cables available. Select RG6 coax cable offers a bare copper conductor and 3GHz broadband rating approved for CATV Cable TV, Satellite, HDTV and video distribution systems. We even sell Dual 3GHz bare copper RG11 coax cable.
Big Dish Satellite
Satellite TV parts for residential or commercial big dish satellite systems. PLL C Band & Ku Band LNBs by Norsat. High stability Norsat C Band & Ku band LNBs. Feed horns by Chaparral. Replacement Chaparral servo motors. DX Antenna power dividers. DX Antenna line amplifiers. Satellite TV tuning meters by Channel Master. CommScope satellite tv 3 GHz rated coax cable.
RF Modulators
RF Modulators by Netmedia, Channel Plus and Blonder Tongue. Netmedia MM73 modulator let's you create your own closed circuit television CCTV channels for distirubtion throughout a home or business.
Cable TV Amplifiers
Cable TV Amplifiers for residential and commercial applications. Cable TV Amplifers manufactured by Electroline, Channel Master, Channel Plus, Pico Macom and Steren. Electroline Cable TV Amplifier EDA 2000 Series is the most complete line of cable tv amplifiers available in the marketplace.
Speaker Wire
Speaker Wire by Monster Cable, Standard Wire and Steren. Quality speaker wire both shielded speaker wire and non shielded speaker wire. Shielded speaker wire. Plenum fire proof speaker wire.
Satellite Telephones
Satellite Telephones by Inmarsat, Iridium and Sky Terra, formerly MSV. Satellite phones and accessories.
Electroline EDA-FT08300 Cable TV Amplifier


Iridium Battery SYN0060C for Motorola Iridium 9500 9505 Satellite Phones

Our Digital Cable TV Amplifers are bi-directional and work on any Cable TV system, either analog or digital systems. Cable TV Amplifiers by Electroline are our specialty. Cable TV Amplifiers
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